Our students are up to date  from edgy to classic.

Adult Hair cut : $5.00

Child Hair cut : $5.00

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Our Conditioning treatments will leave your hair workable and soft.


CHI ENVIRO (Hair smoothing treatment; cuts the frizz and last up to 90 days) for $45.00

We are proud to be a certified BRAZILION BLOWOUT school! 

Brazilion Blowout  $99. (2 hour treatment) 

Bazilion Split end mender - This is a amazing treatment for thoes that have major damage and would like to save the hair!  $ 79.  (one hour treatment)   

Foil : partial or full $30. and up   

Fashion Color : bleach and fashion color $40. and up

Perm: $30.


Facial Services

Hot Towel Facial Shave



Nose($3) lip($3) 

eye ($3) chin($5) back($20) leg($15, half $20 Full) underarms($8)


Ear Candling ( 30 Minute)
Lunch Time Facial  (30 minute)
Micro Derm Facial (45 minute)
Boot Camp Facial ( 45  minute)

What We Offer